Word of Mouth

The job market feels like a black hole sometimes. One minute you’re prepared and ready for the great beyond… the next you are getting sucked down into a spiral with no light or way to get out.

I had a good part-time job for a while in the administrative field. I gained insight into the corporate world and refined my communications skills, as well as others. But, when the time came to reach out for a more permanent, full-time job, I was lost.

I contacted many interesting companies and answered job adverts, but no one knew my name. I was one candidate in a sea of capable applicants.

Then, one year ago, an acquaintance of mine (and a current Smart employee) mentioned that there was a vacancy within the administrative department of Smart Teachers. Even though she was uninvolved with the hiring process, having an in-office connection made me feel more at ease when I interviewed. And I got the job!

A few months into my career at Smart, that same friend told me that she had referred and supported me during my application process. Word of mouth recommendations and referrals truly are an important aspect of the application process. The positive words of a reputable source can yield considerably more positive results. Obviously, you must still prepare and have the qualifications for any position. But, keep in touch with old contacts (and new) because you never know when you will need a familiar face in any industry!

Also, Smart Teachers knows that quality teachers stick together, so if you know any good teachers or support staff, recommend them to Smart and you could get £100 bonus!

Victoria Bull

UK Administration

Smart Teachers