photoToday is December 21, 2012. Also known as ‘The Day The World Ends.’ As humorous talks of the Mayans and alien apocalypses drift through the office, I can’t help but reminisce on the last few years. I have traveled, loved, lost, discovered, learned, taught, celebrated, cried and laughed so hard I fell off a chair. Thinking of all the positive and negative things that have happened to me brings a smile to my face because I can only imagine what unimaginable opportunities lay ahead in my future. As the Smart Teachers’ Twitter page becomes consumed with people announcing their funny (and sometimes a little too personal) #EndOfTheWorldConfessions, I feel obliged to add mine to the mix. My confession is that I am often terrified of the unknown future that awaits me. If the Mayans got it right, it wouldn’t be a bad ending to a too-short, yet happy and loved life. The future, no matter what path in life you are currently on, can sometimes look ominous. The odds might be against you and the world may suddenly feel much smaller. I have decided that, no matter what, the future will turn out the way it turns out. Truthfully, if the world did end in a few hours, there really wouldn’t be much we could to stop it. Instead, our office made some ‘apocalyptically yummy’ snacks to celebrate the occasion!

So my advice to anyone reading this is to jump in. Life will always put obstacles, both big and small, in your way. Keep your head up, your heart open, your mind curious and your face smiling. We never know what the future will bring, so we might as well hope for the best!

Emily Wade


Smart Teachers