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This week the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘The Moral Maze’ debated the morality of private education.     Nick Clegg has suggested that independent schools are “corrosive”, whilst the Head of Rodean is allegedly emigrating to Switzerland because of the hostility private schools heads face.  Of course there is much journalistic hyperbole in the reporting of these stories – nothing sells better in Britain than a stereotyped tale of social inequality.  The Clegg story has it all, ex-public school pupil criticises public schools for promoting a great rift in society and then announces he is considering sending his son to one.

So do I hang my head in shame as the head of an independent school?  No, of course not.

Perse staff work hard to run a successful school that does the very best it can for its pupils.  Helping children achieve, and realising talents for the benefit of future generations are hardly…

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