Read about one of our teacher’s experience with Smart since relocating from Australia.


Upon arrival and during our time in the U.K, Smart Teachers have been completely professional and very helpful in finding the best possibilities for work in and around London.

Smart Teachers are extremely supportive and positive and are there for you to talk to about how the work is going. There are no hidden agendas, just pure honesty and dedication. After only two days of arriving in the U.K I was offered a long term contract, including a great daily rate of pay!

There are huge opportunities for longer-term placements in schools or you can choose to do day-to-day supply, whichever one suits you and Smart Teachers are excellent at finding jobs to suit you.

My assigned representative, Elyse, has been very honest, organised and very thorough in dealing with any questions and advice that myself (or my non-teacher partner) may have needed.

I am very grateful that I was recommended to sign up with Smart Teachers! I highly recommend Smart Teachers to any teacher or teaching assistant looking for long-term or daily supply work! They cannot be faulted!

Catherine Athanasiou
Supply Teacher
Smart Teachers UK