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When you first move to London there is so much to think about; what’s the city like? Where will I be working? Is it as rainy as they say it is? Will I make friends easily?

One of the main questions you will probably have is how am I going to find somewhere to live? There are so many different areas of London to consider and so many websites advertising flat shares it is difficult to know where to even begin.

Smart Teachers works with Arrive Homes to provide accommodation in London for teachers arriving in the UK. Arrive Homes specialise in helping accommodate professional teachers so you will have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other teachers in a similar situation. Some of the other benefits of choosing Arrive Homes include:

• Easy travel – properties located close to transport links
• All inclusive rents – no need to worry about bills coming in unexpectedly
• Understanding your needs – Arrive Homes is run by those with a teaching background with extensive knowledge of London and it’s properties
• Flexibility – able to meet your needs as soon as you touch down in the UK

Don’t take our word for it though; have a read through some of these testimonials from those who have tried it for themselves.

‘I would certainly recommend Arrive Homes to anyone who is looking for a flexible and hassle free living situation. The houses are in a great condition and excellent location, and management is efficient and effective.’

Max Newnham –Streatham 2011-13

‘Arrive Homes made the transition of moving to the UK a lot easier. It was great having a home to move into immediately, skipping the stay in a hostel and the difficult search for a place in a new country. A staff member took the time to show me how to get to the shops and the closest public transportation. Another amazing benefit was moving in with teachers. The UK school system is quite different from what I was accustomed to, therefore it was very helpful to learn about my flatmates’ experiences. They taught everything from how a typical day was run to the best ways to get to schools when supply teaching and the types of travel cards to buy. Arrive Homes was also great at fixing things in the house or providing items that we may need. They were very helpful and accommodating. I strongly recommend signing up with Arrive Homes if you are relocating to the London! Thanks for a wonderful experience.’

Robyn Samborsky – Colliers Wood, South London 2012-13

‘I definitely would like to say it was a stress free way to move into a house share, especially coming all the way from the other side of the world. I really did find it handy to pay an all inclusive rent so I didn’t have to worry about paying for utility bills etc… I’m glad that Arrive Homes existed and I thank all of you for your help during my stay! Cheers”

Jason Chan – South Woodford, East London 2012-13

‘Searching for a rental is always such a hassle and looking for a short-term lease can add to the frustration. I secured a summer internship in London for 10 weeks and needed to find a place that would allow a shorter lease. Landlord after landlord, agent after agent turned me down and said they weren’t comfortable dealing with the short-term nature of my stay. Things were looking bleak until a friend let me know about Arrive Homes. I fired off an email to Aaron and Phil to let them know about my situation and they quickly replied back saying they would be able to accommodate me. They are very understanding of overseas tenants and the initial hiccups that can occur when settling in a new country. The house was very well maintained, furnished, and had cable and internet already setup. Sharing the house with others also allowed me to meet some new people which, along with Arrive Homes, made the transition to living in London much easier. I believe word of mouth is the best kind of advertising and I have no hesitations when recommending Arrive Homes to others.”

Peter Tien Colliers Wood, South London 2012

To find out more information and to see how Arrive Homes can help you visit their website, find them on Facebook or Twitter or drop them an email.

Happy house hunting!

Victoria Bull
Uk Administration
Smart Teachers