Should the parameters for measuring teachers be widened? Read one bloggers thoughts here.

Adventures in School Leadership

With thanks to Andy Falconer for highlighting this Washington Post Article by Bill Gates on measuring Teacher Performance. It points to
this video of Tom Brady, 3 time Super Bowl winning Quarterback for the New England Patriots, being assessed for the 2000 NFL draft. The video shows Mr Brady going through drills to highlight foot speed and agility. Clearly this is an area that is not a strength yet how necessary is Tom Brady’s foot speed to claim those Super Bowl rings, MVP awards and many other plaudits? Not really, is the answer.

Bill Gate’s point is that teachers should not be measured or indeed held to account over a narrow range of parameters. There is a great deal more to high performance teaching and delivering high quality learning experiences than just subject knowledge, the ability to get pupils through assessments or being au fait with the latest initiatives…

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