London; home of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the West End and more shops, restaurants and bars than you could possibly visit during your time here.

Putting aside all the tourist attractions – what does it feel like to be a Londoner?

If you’re thinking about spending a couple of years living and working in London you’ll probably want some help to affirm your decision; the kind of stuff to make your skin tingle.

London by Night

We asked the Smart Teachers team in Covent Garden what being a Londoner means to them;

“Being a Londoner means being immersed in different culture, arts, music, and food from all over the world all in one place. It’s the best city in the world.”

Being a Londoner means I party till dawn. You’ll never catch me on an early train home.”

Being a Londoner means being annoyed when you have to wait more than two minutes for public transport.”

“Being a Londoner means hiring a ‘Boris bike’ in a suit.”

“Being a Londoner who was born and raised in the North East of England is knowing the city like the back of my hand; from where the best cheap pubs and restaurants are to a history of the city. To me, being a Londoner is living in a city that isn’t my birthplace and knowing it well enough to call it home.”

“Being a Londoner means building up a tolerance to alcohol. Because you will drink – a lot.”

“Being a Londoner means you could bump into the Queen on your way to work.”

“Being a Londoner means having a range of cultural activities on your doorstep, the only problem being choosing which to do next.” 

“Being a Londoner means always being prepared.  In my handbag you’ll find sunglasses, an umbrella and a pair of gloves.  It’s all about expecting the unexpected, especially when it comes to the London weather.”

Being a Londoner to me means living in the beautiful, leafy suburb of Hertfordshire but having the hustle and bustle of the capital a short journey away.”

Being a Londoner to me makes me feel lucky every day that I live in the best city in the world with fine art, theatre and culture at my fingertips whenever I want to feed my soul.” 

“Being a Londoner means not caring about the weather. London has more personality and brings more happiness than that big yellow ball in the sky.”

Being a Londoner means having no excuse not to take up a hobby of any kind. It’s got it all, from knitting to rowing on the River Thames.”

“Being a Londoner means you can easily meet up with all your favourite people at short notice in any bar, restaurant, museum, gallery or café that takes your fancy.”

“Being a Londoner means enjoying a quintessentially British afternoon tea and pretending to be rich for the afternoon.”


Visit the big city and tell us what London means to you.

Victoria Bull
UK Administration
Smart Teachers

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