The ‘Smartie of the Month’ award recognises outstanding teachers and support staff for their dedication, professionalism and work on behalf of Smart Teachers.
Each month, we recognise a different ‘Smartie’ based on contributions to their school, excellence in the classroom, leadership abilities, community involvement and a variety of other criteria.

A teacher or teaching assistant will be chosen to receive this award in excellence. The winning candidate will receive a certificate of recognition and a cash prize from Smart Teachers.

Congratulations to Tavishi Parikh for being awarded ‘Smartie of the Month’.

“Tavishi is an outstanding candidate of Smart Teachers. She was referred to Smart in September 2012 and has worked for us continually as a supply teacher culminating in securing a permanent role for September 2013. Tavishi has been an absolute joy to work with as her positive energy and effervescent personality has been a constant credit in our time working together. Teaching is the perfect career for her and it has been my privilege to be a small part of her career and see her tackle the highs and lows with such vibrancy. Tavishi is a perfect ‘Smartie’ to be nominated for this award as she encapsulates the drive and dedication to her career that Smart Teachers is built on.”

Marguerite Mooney, Smart Teachers London

If you would like to nominate a Smart teacher or TA, please email